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Safety has to be one of the top priorities in a workplace, especially working around machinery and in warehouses. Storage Direct can supply protective barriers, temporary barriers and safety signs. Working along time in an office you want to be comfortable, our range of office chairs come in a wide range of colours and multiple settings, we have the one stop solution for you as we supply office furniture as well as canteen furniture. We also have plastic chairs which are perfect for outdoors, canteens and schools. Waste bins are a perfect way to manage all your recycled waste, take a look at our range, some have wheels to make it easier to manage.

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Length Height Width Depth Load (kg) Type
1 5 6 A L T 12 36 90 A4 DL 168 Mat Oil Fuel Roll Stop 8 IBC Black Blank Glass Large Metal Paper Round Small 12 IBC 2 Drum 4 Drum 8 Drum Gloves Medium Refill Square Tie-on 1 Digit 16 Drum 32 Drum Bottles Letters Numbers Tow Bar 10m Roll 2 Digits 3 Digits Chemical End Tile Flip Top Magnetic No Entry V Blade Aluminium Cardboard Cross (+) Fire Exit Waste Oil Adjustable Circle (O) Drop Front Edge Bevel Electrical Keep Clear Oil & Fuel Paper Slot A2 Magnetic A3 Magnetic A3 Vertical A4 Magnetic A4 Vertical A5 Magnetic A5 Vertical A6 Vertical Centre Tile Hand Shovel Maintenance Shrink Wrap Clamp Fixing Long Barrier Plastic Only Twin Channel Wall Mounted 345 piece set 460 piece set A3 Horizontal A4 Horizontal A5 Horizontal A6 Horizontal A7 Horizontal Bench Mounted Cut to Length Double Pocket General Waste Indoor Mirror Self-Adhesive Short Barrier Single Pocket Wood & Timber Aluminium Cans Corner Barrier Pallet Racking Pillar Barrier Workfloor Ramp Adjustable Wide Heavy Duty Rail Magnetic Fixing Mezzanine Floor Mixed Recycling Plastic Bottles Polished Chrome Watch Your Step 2 Drum Hardcover 4 Drum Hardcover A2 Self-Adhesive A3 Self-Adhesive A4 Self-Adhesive A5 Self-Adhesive Large Hand Scoop Magnetic 1 Digit Magnetic 2 Digit Maintenance Pads No Food Or Drink Pedestrian Route Perforated Roll Removable Fixing Two Piece Shovel Building Material Keep Aisles Clear Low Level Channel Low Level Tubular Plastic Strapping Red/Black Chevron Red/White Chevron Twin Polyethylene Cantilever Racking Clear Perspex Back Confidential Paper Glass Mount Fixing Mixed Paper & Card No Forklift Trucks Oil Selective Pads Use Ear Protectors 2 Drum Polyethylene 4 Drum Polyethylene 8 Drum Polyethylene Double Polyethylene Fire Door Keep Shut Fire Exit - No Text Fire Exit Keep Shut Forklift Truck Area Shelving Structures Single Polyethylene White/Black Chevron Fire Exit - Arrow Up Fire Exit Keep Clear Industrial Wipe Roll No Pallets - No Text Rack Self Assessment Snow Scoop with Pole Yellow/Black Chevron 2 Drum Poly Workfloor 2 Seater Single Entry 4 Drum Poly Workfloor 4 Seater Double Entry 4 Seater Single Entry 6 Seater Double Entry 6 Seater Single Entry Adjustable Heavy Duty Drive Through Racking Indoor/Outdoor Mirror No Pedestrian Traffic Perforated Steel Back Self-Adhisive 1 Digit Self-Adhisive 2 Digit Snow Pusher with Pole Standard Text Webbing Warehouse Rack Fixing Caution Very Hot Water Directional Arrow Exit Fire Exit - Arrow Down Fire Exit - Arrow Left 4 Drum Inline Workfloor Fire Exit - Arrow Right Floor Slippery When Wet Sound Horn Drive Slowly With Perspex End Panels 2 Spill Pallet Drum Ramp Ear Protection - No Text Eye Protection - No Text No Pedestrians - No Text Authorised Personnel Only Hi-Vis Vests Must Be Worn 5mph Speed Limit - No Text Low Incline Workfloor Ramp No Mobile Phones - No Text Without Perspex End Panels 4 Drum In-Line Polyethylene 4 Drum Poly Frame and Cover Directional Arrow - No Text Ear Protection Must Be Worn Eye Protection Must Be Worn Safety Helmets Must Be Worn Bottle Bank Lid With Brushes Fits up to 87mm wide upright No Forklift Trucks - No Text Stop/Man With Hand - No Text 100mm Blade Handy Ice Scraper 4 Drum Spill Pallet Drum Ramp Fits up to 100mm wide upright Fits up to 127mm wide upright Forklift Truck Area - No Text Large Blade Heavy Duty Shovel Protective Footwear - No Text With Cylinder Lock and Hammer AFFF Extinguisher Identication Additional Zinc Wall Clip H15mm Co2 Extinguisher Identification Pedestrians Must Use This Route Glass Fronted With Cylinder Lock High Vis Vests & Safety Footwear Magnetic Flange - up to 3 digits Protective Footwear Must Be Worn Solid Fronted With Cylinder Lock Box of 20 large instant ice packs Caution Forklift Trucks Operating Water Extinguisher Identification 1 Tonne Bag of White De-Icing Salt Bottle Bank Lid With Rubber Baffle Glass Fronted With Seal And Hammer Indoor Mirror - Rectangular H400mm Double Polyethylene Frame and Cover Mirror U Bolt Fitting Kit 60mm Pole Mirror U Bolt Fitting Kit 75mm Pole Single Polyethylene Frame and Cover High Visibility Jackets Must Be Worn Dry Powder Extinguisher Identification Self-Adhesive Flange - up to 3 digits No Admittance To Unauthorised Personnel Burns Workplace First Aid Kit (20 piece) "Large Kit Includes: Sterile Eye Pads (4) "Small Kit Includes: Sterile Eye Pads (2) Burns First Aid Mobile Kit Bag (24 piece) Samaritan PAD300P Defibrillator with case "Medium Kit Includes: Sterile Eye Pads (3) 40 x 25kg Bags of Pure White De-Icing Salt Magnetic Angled Aisle Marker - up to 3 digits Single Tensacone Unit with Red/White 3.65m webbing Self-Adhesive Angled Aisle Marker - up to 3 digits Tensacone Kit: 4 x Tensacone Units and 4 x H750mm Road Cones
Colour Body Colour Door Colour Linbin Size Shelves
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