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Lockers for every industry!

Lockers for every industry!


At Storage Direct we offer a variety of high quality lockers to meet a wide range of personal storage needs. From schools and hospitals to factories and police stations, our lockers provide a secure and practical storage solution for personal items.

Quick and easy to customise on our website, no matter what your requirements are, we have your ideal lockers. Choose your colour, height, door, even choose a sloping top, no matter what you're looking for in a locker, we've got it.


Lockers for education:

Each school locker can be tailored to the needs of the client with a range of colours and configurations available. Without range of colourful and smart three quarter, half height and cube lockers, issues of lost and damaged possessions can be a thing of the past!

Lockers for healthcare:

Designed specifically to provide staff with safe and secure storage for personal items, we offer a range of lockers that are ideal for healthcare environments. All of our lockers come with ActiveCoat anti-microbial technology as standard, making them suitable for hygiene sensitive areas, such as hospitals.

Lockers for retail:

With staff working different hours and shift patterns it is vital to fully maximise staff changing areas in order to provide a safe and secure place for personal storage, staff uniforms and work equipment. From slim lockers to garment dispenser and collection lockers, we offer a wide variety of solutions suitable for the fast moving world of retail.

Lockers for manufacturing and industrial:

When it comes to manufacturing and industrial environments, storage is often required for heavy, bulky and awkward items. Fortunately, our crew lockers were made with this in mind. Ensuring ample storage space and featuring internal dividers to organise and segregate items. With a choice of configurations available, you can create your ideal locker.

Lockers for food and drink:

The food and drink production and processing industry is labour intensive and works 24/7. In this extremely hygiene-conscious environment every effort must be taken tor educe the risk of contamination in the workplace. With secure and hygienic uniform/workwear lockers, crew lockers and garment management lockers, all coated in ActiveCoat antimicrobial technology, we offer a variety of suitable solutions.

Lockers for emergency services:

Police, fire and ambulance services all benefit from our locker solutions, increasing the speed of retrieval with quick identification and easy access. Our wide range of door and internal locker configurations mean we can meet the varied storage needs for uniform and personal items. With specially designed police lockers too, Storage Direct is the ideal place for your emergency services lockers.

Lockers for garment management:

The managed issue of workplace clothing, often via third party laundries, is an essential part of hygiene procedure in many sectors. Our garment management lockers offer individual access for each worker to freshly laundered clothing. With compartment doors, garment management has never been so quick and easy.

Lockers for offices:

With hot-desking now common in most offices, lockers are a valuable addition to the workplace. Positioning a bank of lockers close to the main staff entrance provides quick, easy, safe and secure individual storage for staff. With a wide range of finishes, our lockers also look good – helping to enhance the aesthetics of your work environment.

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